Short Courses

One day and other short courses giving you the chance to try something new or improve your technique at a chosen discipline.
Our short courses give you the opportunity to begin a new passion or enhance the skills you already have. We run them on both week days and weekends so book yourself some inspirartion.!!! There are always new courses being offered so join our ,mailing list and be the first to know whats coming to Tidy St. next!
Courses for Summer 2017

Drawing the Human Form
Saturday July 1st 10am-4.30pm
With Lucie Cookson

A day spent really enjoying drawing from life. Looking at proportions and how the body fits together. Exercises designed to develop all aspects of life drawing.
Whether you are a complete beginner or an artist just looking for new ways to approach figurative drawing this day course will give you lots to think about and is guaranteed to improve your drawing skills. You will work from a model/s in the studio.

Discover your best work. Loose the “hit or miss approach” and come away from your life drawing sessions with pictures you are proud of!

Pastel Portraits From Life
22nd July
Discover the unique joys of painting with pastels, one of the most versatile and forgiving mediums. You will be working with models in the studio. The course will cover key techniques such as mixing, blending, scumbling, sgraffito, hatching and feathering. You will be given several different approaches and learn both modern and contemporary techniques.

A Portrait In Oils From a Photo
29th 30th July
A workshop for those who want to hone their skills in portraiture and use of oils. You’ll be focusing on flesh tones, grounds and how to create a convincing likeness, Lucie provides friendly, expert instruction on the interactive principles of composition, as well as the anatomy of the human face and the key relationships among its features. The two days cover the techniques of traditional portraiture as well as Lucie’s own methods. Returners are very welcome. Suitable for all.

Getting Started With Oil Paints
Lucie Cookson
2nd September
Lucie has a passion for Oils and has spent her career training in every application and technique for this versatile medium.
This course will give you everything you need to start using oil Paint. You will focus on painting a landscape but the techniques and tips you will learn will enable you to come away ready to give any subject matter a go.

Florentine method sight size portrait course
11th -15th September
£225 (£300 with materials included)
Learn the techniques and the limited palette Rembrandt used. Lucie will take you through mixing a flesh tone palette, sight size painting and her own modern interpretation of this beautiful and faultless style.This week gives you the opportunity to paint every morning with one model between two students.The Sight Size Method is a method of constructing realistic drawings with great accuracy that has been used to draw and teach drawing and painting for centuries. It is a method by which anyone with any amount of experience can set up and execute a realistic drawing or painting. Lucie will take you through this method in terms of creating a portrait and you won't believe your results !