Art Jam Courses 2012

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Art Jam had an amazing summer below is a list of the courses we ran. We also hosted some one day workshops on demand! The kids just couldn't get enough of that graffiti so we added and extra day. There will be no half term course this year as Lucie is having a baby that week but we will be back in no time with more fantastic art shenanigans. Join our mailing list or get in touch with Lucie if you would like to find out more. (Contact details below)

Summer Courses 2012 ( 8 – 14 year olds)

Half day am - 10.30am to 12.30pm Half day pm - 1pm to 3pm £20 per half day

Whole day - 10.30am to 3pm (bring a packed lunch) £40 whole day

All Day – Sketchbook Your sketchbook can be a beautiful, interesting and inspiring object in its own right. Spend the day customising an artist quality sketchbook (provided) with a choice of materials to hold all your wonderful work and ideas – be the envy of your friends!

Half Day Peg board Spend the morning creating and decorating a peg board to display all your favorite photos and paintings. We will use paint, stencils, and all sorts of inspiring things – a work of art in itself!

Half Day ;Graffiti Wall An opportunity to work as a group to create a large scale graffiti wall piece using a variety of techniques – if you enjoyed the graffiti tag taster take it a step further, if you missed the tag session now is your chance to become the new Banksy

Half Day ;Ceramic Crazy Fish - Create a weird and wonderful ceramic fish or underwater creature. All sculptures will be fired to collect at a later date and there will be an opportunity to glaze your fish on Aug 29th.

Half Day:Ceramic Heads – Create a self portrait, cartoon head or famous figure from clay. Bring good quality photos from all angles of the person or character you would like to sculpt. All sculptures will be fired to collect at a later date and there will be an opportunity to glaze your head on Aug 29th.

Half Day: Ceramic Vessel Inspired by Birdham Pool (part 1) Weather permitting we will begin by sketching, drawing and taking photos around the harbour of natural and manmade objects, scenes and landscapes (In the event of poor weather we will work from photos and objects in the studio – feel free to bring things which inspire you) These will then be developed into interesting ceramic designs to be built on Aug 2nd.

Half Day; Mobile Phone Storyboard Have fun creating an exciting storyboard using your mobile phone in an inspiring atmosphere.

All day – Sublimation Messenger Bag, Boot Bag or Phone Sock Spend a day creating your own unique design in the style of your choice, from graffiti to vintage. You will experiment with a variety of 2D techniques and materials to develop your idea. Your imagination is the only limit! After the course we will scan and print your design using sublimation for a professional finish for you to collect at a later date (please note, we will provide the bag/sock as the surface must be specially treated to accept the ink.)

Half Day: Ceramic Vessel (part 2) Creating a ceramic vessel from clay based on the designs generated on part 1 of the course on July 26th, We will fire your vessel for you and there will be an opportunity to glaze your finished piece on Aug 22nd.

Half Day: Large Scale Charcoal Drawing A great opportunity to develop skills and spend the afternoon creating a large scale charcoal piece. Fun, inspiring and full of energy.

Half Day: Pop Ups Find out how to design, decorate and build your own pop up image. You could create a card or paper sculpture – be amazed by what you can achieve.

Half Day: Silhouette Cut-Outs Artist Rob Ryan has made paper cut out silhouettes fashionable and cool. Make one for yourself to mount in a frame or turn onto a card – the choice is yours. There will also be a surprise edible use !

Half Day Large Scale Chalk Drawing Storytelling and imaginative work on a large scale in chalk using the work of Ken Kiff and Paula Rego for inspiration– dreamlike and fantastical!

All Day - Printmaking You will spend the day learning how to print using collograph and monoprinting techniques. We will take inspiration from a variety of sources and there will be plenty of time to explore and experiment. Great fun !

Half Day :Funky plaster frame (part 1) Create a cool 2D relief mirror or picture frame from plaster. You will develop ideas for your design and then use clay to make a mould to cast your frame from plaster of paris. We will decorate and assemble these on Aug 30th.

Half Day: Large Scale Portrait It’s a portrait, but not as you know it! Experiment with corks, fingers and anything else we can find to see how mark making and tone can transform the familiar into something bold and extraordinary.

Glazing Session: Half day to finish ceramic heads, fish and vessels. Choose from the AM or PM session. You’ve made a super ceramic piece, now add the finishing touches with glaze.

Half Day Funky Plaster Frame (part 2) Assemble and decorate the plaster mirror or picture frame that you created on Aug 23rd using a variety of techniques for a personalised finish – fun, elegant, cool or a bit mad, it’s up to you !

Half Day Animation Spend an afternoon creating a great little character from plasticine and then bringing it to life through animation via your phone or camera. If you love Wallace and Grommit then you’ll love this!

contact Lucie on 012436700065