Kids have their say!

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Unbelievable Books
'Liked: everything
Disliked: nothing '

Art Jam replies : 'So glad you had a great time :-)'

'Amazing fun and the only thing is I want more courses'

Art Jam replies : 'Lots of courses coming up over the summer with more to come - keep your eyes on the website and hope to see you soon !'

'Enjoyed : I enjoyed painting the front of my book.
Target to improve : Change your biscuits to chocolate biscuits'

Art Jam replies : 'Your boolks all looked fantastic. Choccie biccies will be on the menu next time ;-)'

'I love how there are no rules and you can use anything. Amazing fun.
Improve : get some gloves to use with the glue gun'

Art Jam replies : 'Really glad you enjoyed the chance to explore and create :-) Glue gun gloves are a great idea, thanks - we will have some ready to use next time.'